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P.E.T.E Projects First Homecoming!!

It was such an exciting few weeks as the P.E.T.E Project Community participated for the 1st time as a Student Organization in Homecoming Sweepstakes!! Community Members spent countless hours on signs for Sea of Orange Parade, “Walk of Fame Board” for  the Sign Competition, and even preparing to share the fun and knowledge of Emotional Intelligence at the Harvest Carnival. Although we did not place top three, inside sources say we did EXCELLENT (especially for a first time student organization).  One thing is for sure it was a great time for Fun, Spirit, and Community Building! GO POKES!!!!         Check out some of the pictures from Homecoming Week Below!!

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No one will be stealing our candy!!!

Alex Evers of Stillwater Marital joined the P.E.TE. Project Community for some awesome self defense tips.  This self defense workshop left us feeling informed and empowered with little worry that if anyone tried to steal our candy this Halloween it would definitely not be an easy task! The good times and laughs were plenty and more importantly  we learned plenty of tactics to protect and defend ourselves even through a casual “walk in the park.” From breaking wood blocks with our bare hands (Micheal “First Try” Masucci…YOU ROCK) to escaping bear hugs and two hand holds the good times kept coming. This was a great night for self improvement and community building. Look out for upcoming Service Project Post up next!


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15 Tips for Next Year’s P*E*T*E Project Members…

As a parting gift, the 2016-2017 PETE Project group wished to leave some wisdom gained through their first year experience at OSU.  Here is a list of the top 15 tips from the P*E*T*E Project Community:

  1. Take advantage of LASSO.
  2. Use to save money on books or other creative ways to cut textbook costs.
  3. Write assignments in your planner at the beginning of the semester and then use the planner!
  4. Get at least one persons number from each of your classes so you always have someone to ask emergency assignment and test questions.
  5. Look at each class syllabus before the semester to do any pre-class work like reading.
  6. Visit professors during office hours to make connections and so they remember you.
  7. Always check your email before class because you may need to bring certain supplies or your professor may have cancelled class.
  8. Take advantage of Pete’s Pet Posse to find a dog to play with on campus if you are feeling lonely.
  9. Utilize the writing center for all your papers! Not many people do and professors LOVE when students use their services!
  10. Don’t pull all nighters. You have to sleep or you won’t do well on your tests.
  11. Some professors don’t seem very nice in class, but their personalities are much more friendly during office hours. Not being scared of your professor makes the class easier, so visit with them away from class.
  12. Take advantage of potential secret bonuses, by showing up to every class.
  13. Check the weather before class and get a backpack with a pocket on each side. One for a water bottle and one for an umbrella.
  14. Never procrastinate because life may surprise you!
  15. Use your meal plan to treat yourself to Rancher’s Club or Taylor’s when you’ve had a rough week or just because you deserve it!

Good luck in the fall!


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P*E*T*E Project Members and Research!

A couple of P*E*T*E Project members have been busy this semester striving for excellence in research! Katherine Metzinger and Lizzie Johnson showcased research at OSU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and Kathleen Briggs Human Sciences Undergraduate Scholars Forum . This is quiet an impressive task, especially as freshman, and the P*E*T*E Project is so excited for these two ladies. As a testimony to her hard work and dedication to research, Katherine was recognized for the project with “Greatest Potential” by college of Human Sciences faculty and staff! Additionally, Lizzie was interviewed by OSU President Burns Hargis for a recent edition of Inside OSU! Below is a highlight of Katherine and Lizzie’s work! Great Job ladies. We are so proud! GO POKES!!

Katherine's Research

Title: Astaxanthin Regulates Systemic Inflammation in Mice

Undergraduate Research Activity: Freshman Research Scholar

Research Advisor: Dr. Daniel Lin

How has your research project impacted your college experience?
My research project has given me an experience that textbooks can’t provide. I had the opportunity to participate in life changing research that contributed to the ever-evolving field of nutrition. I now have a different perspective. Research has taught me to think beyond ‘outside of the box,’ look in the depths, and keep asking questions. In addition, never settle for second best, keep pushing forward and maintain an open mind. Also, research has enhanced my work ethic, grammar, patience, independence, intellectual abilities, and dedication

Lizzie's Research

Title: High Heel Style and Height in Relation to Body Type

Undergraduate Research Activity: Freshman Research Scholar

Research Advisor: Dr. Aditya Jayadas

How has your research project impacted your college experience?
I have learned a lot about how to balance my time and communicate with people more effectively. It has been fun getting to use the Mixed Reality Lab and learning about all the equipment.

View Lizzie’s interview with President Hargis during his visit to the new Mixed Reality Lab in the College of Human Sciences

Lizzie appears near the 8:20 mark of the video.

To find out more about Katherine, Lizzie and other students’ research in Human Sciences follow the link below:


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End of Year Celebration!!

It has been a great year for the 2016-2017 P*E*T*E Project Members and we end the year with a great celebration. The P*E*T*E Project visited OKC Escape. Two groups successfully escaped, one with just seconds left to spare. The Third group (in the hardest room) failed to escape in 60 minutes, but were only 2 clues away. Although we went to different rooms, we had one thing in common, WE HAD A GREAT TIME! We worked up an appetite trying to escape those rooms so we headed over to Bricktown. In Bricktown we ate Zio’s Italian Kitchen and we could not get the bread fast enough! Yummy was the word on everyone’s lips. Although we missed those who could not join us, it was a great last BIG event for the P*E*T*E Project!!  😉

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Spring Service Projects!

Even though the year is quickly ending, P*E*T*E Project Members are still on a mission to make their mark before their last final exam is complete.  On April 21st Seven P*E*T*E Project women volunteered at Payne County Youth Services: An Evening to Remember. Payne County Youth Services (PCYS) hosted the fundraising event in order to raise profits to benefit PCYS events and programs. The event included a catered dinner, live and silent auctions, as well as a performance by illusionist David Magee. P*E*T*E Project Members served dinner and helped host the event in various other ways. The service did not end there! On Earth Day members joined the OSU Community in service the community of Stillwater in Spring Into The Streets. It was a great weekend for service and the P*E*T*E Project!!!

Evening to Remember

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Don’t Mess With US!!!!! ;)

This Past Weekend, The P*E*T*E Project Community was joined by Alex Evers of Stillwater Marital who hosted a Self-Defense Workshop!  The message by the end of the night was “don’t mess with us.” The ladies of the P*E*T*E Project left feeling empowered and confident in their ability to protect and defend themselves. While we gained important life skills, the laughs and good times were not in few. From breaking wood blocks with our bare hands (Madi Sanders! YOU ROCK) to giving partners big bear hugs and taking a casual “walk in the park” the good times kept coming. This was a great night for self improvement and community building. Look out for upcoming Service Project Post up next!

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The Marshmallow Challenge

One special BIG that happened this semester was the Strength Quest Big. During this BIG P*E*T*E participants explored their top five strengths and ways they could use their strengths to find success in college and beyond. Also, as a  P*E*T*E Project Community, we got to learn even more about each other as we explored the variety of strengths that other members bring to our community and friendships. Finally we put our strengths to the ultimate test as we divided into 4 small groups to complete the Marshmallow Challenge. While there was one clear winner, overall we found success as each group used their member’s strengths to build a successful spaghetti and marshmallow tower!

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Thanksgiving Celebration!

The P*E*T*E Project took time out to celebrate the things we are most thankful for including each other. Sunday, November  20th the P*E*T*E Project got together for a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner! On the pumpkin centerpiece, everyone wrote down the things and people they were most grateful for. The event’s Grand Finale was a Pie Contest. Three groups competed with delicious pies and very happy judges (Scott and Kelly) decided on a winner (pictured below-upper left). It was a fun night and a great way to take a study break before gearing up and finishing strong on finals.

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Into The Streets

In November the P*E*T*E participants joined OSU’s sororities, fraternities, clubs and organizations in serving the Stillwater community with Into The Streets. The P*E*T*E Project grabbed their rakes and bags and helped out a Stillwater community member by making her lawn clean and clear of unwanted debris. Although it was early in the morning our spirits were high and we gave a big Go Pokes before reflecting on our good work and leaving with a smile. Thanks to the OSU Into The Streets Committee for giving us this awesome opportunity to serve!!